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Is this the timing chain tensioner?

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its a fast clunking sound and i hear it the loudest on cold starts in the morning and night (cooler temps). its not overwelmingly loud but it is noticable (to me). kinda sounds like similar to what the fan does on a cold start if you can imagine. anyways, after i drive it, the sound pretty much goes away. no issue w/ anything. its been making the noise for as long as i can remember but it has always made me uneasy. i let the truck warm all the way up before every drive. it will sometimes lightly clunk the whole time till i drive it, which makes me rule out the common oil pressure explanation (never had btw). i stuck a screwdrive to the bottom of the timing chain cover and it is very prominent there. what do ya think? should i be worried or no?
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Chains usually make a rubbing/grinding sound not clunking.

Clunking would make me think cam follower/other valve train gear, piston slap, etc...

I would take the valve covers off and inspect the gear up there and turn the motor by hand and inspect everything. I would drive as little as possible until I could do that. Not sure if our motors have adjustment on the valvetrain or not but could be a simple adjustment issue.
Ahh sorry thought this was a out of warranty thing.

But drop the truck off and tell them to let it sit over night then check. Any tech worth his salt can do that and find the problem.
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