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Issue with tire pressure sensors

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I just had my oil changed and all my tires were lower than 33 psi. After they were filled up to 40 psi, the computer in the Nav System only showed that they were at 35-36 psi. This was after driving for 30 minutes. Anyone know if there is a way to adjust the computer to show an accurate reading?
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Those sensore/monitors were the worst thing(besides brakes) put on the Titan. Best thing to do is just keep you a handy tire gauge or just make a mental note of the difference. Otherwise i see you spending some unwanted time at the dealership. I took my truck several times for the sensor, finally i told them to forget it!!! it still isnt 100%. But, i dont have the nice Nav. system either, so yours may be easier than what i went through.
my tire light is on full time. i will yank the sensors when i change the tires.

i hate those things
Got to agree. I absolutely hate these sensors.
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