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It could rattle my teeth out..

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I picked up my 04 Titan with 3459x miles on it and the brakes were fine, no shaking, stuttering etc.

I was calling the dealership to see if all the recalls had been done and they made mention the brake recall was done.

Fast forward to today, 38xxx miles now and the brakes have went from good to absolute worse in the matter of two weeks. To the point it rattles the entire truck.

Couresty has the front disc pads listed at $120, but I cannot find a listing for the rotors. I know OEM is the way to go, but has anyone had any experience with other brands / combos? I know when looking around online a couple other OEM sellers make mention to get the "upgraded" version.

Anyone have any suggestions to stop this from happening again in 4xxx miles? Am I using the brakes in the wrong fashion? lol
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have you tried a different dealer to see if they can work on the brakes again ? I know there was an additional TSB to the original one regarding the brakes
P's Titan, I have to get the picture of that girl in a bigger size, she is awesome! I am having issues with my 2008 Titan's brakes. I have had all four rotors turned and still have a pulsation. I am taking it in next week to try to get it resolved. I have a feeling that it is an ABS problem.
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