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My A/C condenser had been damaged over the weekend.
My extended warrenty wont cover the damages...but luckily my insurance will. My mechanic quoted me about $500 for the condenser alone. The insurance adjuster come by to take a look at the condenser to verify its replacement. I recieve a quote from the adjuster later this evening and lists a quote for replacement for the condenser as $169 :huh:WTF?
Total quote OTD from my mechanic to include A/C recharge, parts, fluids, and labor about $810.
The adjuster capped me at $568....BIG GAP btwn quotes.

My question...does anyone know of a place (other than Ebay) where I can find a replacement? Not neccessarily OEM, but aftermarket with close to OEM quality/standards.

I have found a couple listings on Ebay for condensers for about $150; just seems too good to be true...and we know how that goes.

Help/advice greatly appreciated.
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Take your estimate back to the insurance company and have them reevaluate their estimate. Also ask them where to get the parts at the prices they listed.
Seems like they estimating the price of an afetrmarket one. go to difeerent body shops and get estimates and take them back to your insureance to show actual cost or have them recommmend a place that can do it for that price. heres a link that might help you out.

also a link to rock auto... site sponsor... they are cheaper here
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