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My A/C condenser had been damaged over the weekend.
My extended warrenty wont cover the damages...but luckily my insurance will. My mechanic quoted me about $500 for the condenser alone. The insurance adjuster come by to take a look at the condenser to verify its replacement. I recieve a quote from the adjuster later this evening and lists a quote for replacement for the condenser as $169 :huh:WTF?
Total quote OTD from my mechanic to include A/C recharge, parts, fluids, and labor about $810.
The adjuster capped me at $568....BIG GAP btwn quotes.

My question...does anyone know of a place (other than Ebay) where I can find a replacement? Not neccessarily OEM, but aftermarket with close to OEM quality/standards.

I have found a couple listings on Ebay for condensers for about $150; just seems too good to be true...and we know how that goes.

Help/advice greatly appreciated.
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