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It's here and the blonde is on the road!!

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Ok "guys" I am now the newest owner of a beautiful Pearl White Titan. It came in this morning. Since I was tracking it I knew when it would be there. I got the call as soon as it was unloaded. They knew I did not want anyone messing with this truck before they contacted me. They called exactly like they said and asked if I wanted to come see it before they checked it out. Being about 45 minutes from the dealership and behind about a week in meetings and other business matters at work, I said, go ahead and do the checkout and I will try to get in early. Anxious to get there yes, but the people at the dealership respected all I had asked them to do. I did get off an hour early and went to the dealership. I had not agreed on the final price, as the first deal was not going to make it. All my research in the two months I have been waiting was well worth it. I walked away with a great smile on my face and a great truck to drive. 70Boss, my deal worked out just like we talked about. You are great!! Happy you betcha. Since all the plastic and shipping stuff was still intact I will wait until I get it ready for pictures this weekend. Drove it around for a while and am more impressed than I thought I would be. So far no radio issues, button issues or any other issues we have all discussed. Even cranked the heater up to here the sounds everyone was talking about. Nothing!! So far so good but you know me the blonde with the attitude. I will be giving reports, that is for sure. Deepwater and 70Boss I love you guys and thought about you both on the drive home with stereo in my favorite channel. Thanks to all the support on the site and for those that are still waiting it is worth the wait!! More to come!!! Happy you betcha :cheers:
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WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm so excited for you, Static101...I'm so glad everything went well and I know it's a beaut...can't wait for the pics! Enjoy!!!!! :) :hat: :cheers: GOOD DEAL!

'Exstatic'...that's a GOOD one, 37L1 :jester:
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