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Its in my driveway

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After months and months of searching, test driving between Tundra & Nissan, I finally have a new truck in the driveway. To dark for pictures.

I drove to a dealership about 30 miles from home and as described on the website, they had what I wanted. I will not bore you with the negotiating details except to say that the sticker was $44,650 and after only 30 minutes, we agreed on a price of $38,400.

The Truck: 2008 Titan LE Crew cab 4X4 in smoke with the dark leather. Options are NAV, rear dvd, sunroof, airbags, tow package, step rails, mats, bluetooth and everything else that goes along with the LE package. And its a long bed.

I drove in with a 2004 Titan and 4 hours later, I was out the door. They gave me a great trade on the 04 as well considering the AC had dumped about a gallon of water on the floor of the passenger seat, it desperately needed front brakes, there was a terrible wining sound coming from under the engine and a host of other issues I just didn't feel like dealing with. Good bye 04. That 1st year truck was nothing but trouble from day 1 but was still the best truck I ever owned. What a drive train!! I am glad I got out before the rear end went which was making noise for the past few months. At any rate, the Tundra was a nice truck to drive but I just couldn't go through the 1st year issues again.

The dealership did a terrible job or prepping the truck, no surprise there. I am ok with that as the real cleaning will come over the weekend.

Only impressions I have so far is that the long wheel base makes for a more comfortable ride, the Crew cab is about 40% quieter than the King cab, the Rockford fosgate in the 08 sounds MUCH nicer than the Rockford Fosgate in the 04 and the interior is much more refined in the 08. I thought i would hate the wood accents but because I have the charcoal interior, it looks just fine.

Sorry for the rant. I am pretty excited. It has been a long search and it is finally over. I will post more about it when I actually have a chance to use it.
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You deserved it.
Nice! Did you get the long bed model? I had a look at one of those and seriously thought about it but I'm not ready to part with mine just yet...Congrats on the new Titan!:cheers:
I did get the long bed model. I just took it for another ride. Its very comfortable. I also setup the Iphone over bluetooth. I did not look at the user manual yet so I am not sure what features are available but it makes calls and answers them. So far so good. I did just realize one thing that seems a little odd. You have to hit the "I agree" button on the nav system before the screen comes up. My other cars will time out and go directly to the radio or the nav screen. Maybe there is a setting for that. I will look tomorrow.
2008CCLE said:
I did just realize one thing that seems a little odd. You have to hit the "I agree" button on the nav system before the screen comes up. My other cars will time out and go directly to the radio or the nav screen. Maybe there is a setting for that. I will look tomorrow.
Congrats and welcome...I haven't found a way to disable that "feature" yet. It's pretty annoying to have that warning message come up every time you start the vehicle. I guess it's a small price to pay for having this amazing vehicle. My 08 is equipped exactly the same as yours...but I have the Majestic Blue color and feel that I will be regretting that color choice in the near future.
Congrats on the upgrade. The titan is one heck of a truck. Does the 08 cc feel faster than the 04kc? did you get the 20s
Very nice - Congrats!
Congrats!!! I almost traded mine in on an '08 LE CC while my '05 was in getting an oil change. It took all the restraint I had not to bite on the '08 because they were giving me a pretty good deal on trade-in. The determining factor for me was that the longbed wouldn't fit in my garage and most of my mods wouldn't transfer over to the '08.
nice addition to the driveway, can't wait to see pics.
Congratulations and welcome to TT.:)
Congrats.... There should be a seperate booklet about the bluetooth
its easy to set up phone #s in the system.
You got almost the exact truck I am looking at getting with the exception of the color. I want Desert Sandstone with Almond(?) interior.

The price you got it down to also seems pretty reasonable.

Congrats!!! Now send pictures!!!
Yeah, how is the power and torque off the line compared to the '04? Have heard that some dealers are reflashing some of the trucks for better torque management so that it won't be so hard on the rear diffs.
Welcome to the club, make sure to post some pictures.
Quick update. No pictures yet as the rain started today and i have been working. Someone questioned the power of the 2008. I really cant answer that yet as I haven't put the peddle down yet. Have no fear, I will soon. I did get the 20 inch rims with the truck, they make the truck look really good.

I was mistaken about the NAV screen. It does eventually time out to the screen but if I don't touch it, it takes about 2 miles of driving before it goes to the operating screen.

I have a feeling that the truck MIGHT possibly be a little slower than the 04 but I cant really tell yet. This might have something to do with the weight. I haven't checked yet but the extra length has to add some weight to it. The one thing I can say is that the exhaust is more noticeable. Not annoying at ALL, its just right. In fact, my buddy that has been in the 04 asked right away if I had an exhaust put in it.

All in all, i would say that I love it more than when I got the 04 because i always wanted it longer and it is noticeably longer.

We are leaving for NC from NY in a week and a half. I am betting it will be a sweet ride down.

I will get pics up as soon as the weather decides to clear here on Long Island.
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I did want to add one more note. I have read in these forums that the dealers are not flexible on price because the 08 is just released. This is simply not true. If you go to a dealer that doesn't want to deal, go elsewhere even if you have to travel a bit. The bigger the dealer the better. They move cars and trucks more often and will deal a lot more.

The first thing I did was to tell them that it could be cash or finance with my trade or not. Give them nothing to work with. Just go in with the Edmunds info and something like prices and tell them "this is what you want to spend" In all honesty, I had the price complete in 30 minutes. Then came the trade.

They offered me $14,000 for my 04 KC and I just told them that I wouldn't go for that. At that price, they would have sold the truck for sticker after they made money on my 04. I also went in with information from other dealers and that very dealer on what the 04 KC is selling for. In the end, they went from $14,000 to just over $18,000.

When the salesman sat down, he said he would go to $42,500 on the truck. I thanked him and asked to have a different salesman that knew Nissan had a $3500 rebate going. He claimed that his management never told him. RIGHT. I love salesman.

Next was the after sales guys that tries to sell you everything under the sun including a chemical that changes the molecular structure of the glass and makes it much stronger. I told him I had a PHD and asked him to explain how it worked. He said it didn't and moved on to the $2200 extended warranty. He didn't have a great night. Poor fella. I am not a PHD but i figured if I can spend 5 hours being lied to, I just thought I would do the same back. Plus, it entertains the hell out of my wife.

Those are just my tips. Being around sales people and other dealer scam artists (my salesman's term) can be a pain. But nothing says you cant make it fun.
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^^^^^^LOL. nice work!
do you have any pics yet?
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