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It's official

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my name is Jon I'm the owner of and I offer quality parts at great prices, I'm a new business only been open since April but have had great success so I took the plunge and became a vendor here, I also own a Titan and have been around since 06. I started with just an exhaust and it stemmed from there, it has plenty of goodies on it. I offer anything from mild to wild, if u want to lift it I can get u a rcx, pro comp Fabtech maxtrac lift etc etc, I sell air raid intakes, full exhausts from borla to banks to Gibson, headers, uprev, bullydog gt and I have a lot of lighting solutions also from Cree to rigid lights custom traction bars, lightbar mounts, rims, tires, if u want to be faster, lower or lifted I sell all the parts needed to do so. pm me for details on anything I offer exclusive discounts for forum members or email me at
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Website has a long way to go for my standards and to compete with the bigger companies, it's doing really well since April and social media had been a big factor in it, had some good conversations with vendors who when I first called told me I needed a big buy in but now when I show them my sales since April they want to be onboard lol...go figure right, glad I can do this and expand and see where it goes from here, thanks for everyone's support!! Just picked up pml Trans pans last week, few mor fires I'm poking at too.
gonna get radflo?:big_grin:
thast pretty sweet! i just ordered fox 2.0's non resi. The icon 2.0 resi's that i could find were like 500$.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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