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I've got a problem with my rear end...need your help

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I've got a problem with my rear end...need your advice

First, Happy New Year!

OK, not so-much a problem with MY rear-end, but the rear suspension of my '06 Titan CrewCab XE 2x4 >>>>with Tow Package<<<<<.

I bought this baby new, off the Nissan dealer's lot, in '06. It had everything I wanted except for the Tow Package. I didn't need it but the price was right and I was hot-n-bothered to get a new Titan.

I'm fed-up with the stiffness of the rear suspension. When I purchased the truck, I suspected the shocks had helper springs and I could just swap out the shocks. Wrong!

I keep about about 400 lbs. of bagged mulch in the bed as a temporary fix. Well, a year later, I'm ready to fix the problem.

Questions: Does the Tow Package version have an extra "layer" of leaf spring? If so, Is it possible to remove "it" or do I go with replacing the sets?

Is there another avenue to take to make the rear suspension not feel like a log wagon?

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well theres a few options. The firs thing is to swap the shocks out for something valved a little softer. Second would be to get a different leaf pack. Deaver springs can make you a custom pack thats alot softer but keeps your ride height. The drawback to this is that you really cant carry crap (anything over say 500 pounds) in the bed after this because they are so soft.
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