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JBA 40-1400 or Gibson Dual Extreme?

JBA 40-1400 or Gibson Dual Extreme Exhaust??

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Hey guys, I'm still in the market for an exhaust upgrade and I can't decide between the two (JBA 40-1400 or Gibson Dual Extreme). So I was hoping some of your opinions can help me set my mind on one. I also have a few questions about both exhausts as well. I will also post a poll.

1. Will the dual design of the gibson produce less gains than that of the single outlet JBA, or vice versa?

2. With the Gibson Dual extreme, what is the best way to hang the pipe that is on the driver side?
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I have the JBA and love it.
I haven't been researching exhausts in a while (since I got mine), but when I was the single out systems and the JBA in particular seem to produce the most overall gains (i.e. little/no loss of low end torque and torque/HP gains in the mid-upper rpms).

If you are getting a supercharger/turbo/ alot of internal engine mods down the road, then I'd get the freeest flowing exhaust like a Banks or Dual setup with a large y-pipe & headers.

If you are just going to do intake, exhaust, TB spacer, ECU flash/2* advance, and maybe the new JWT cams or UDP's... then the JBA will probably be the "best preforming" exhaust for you.

If you don't so much car about getting the most preformance and like the dual look and/or the Gibson sound, then go for the Gibson.

The JBA utilizes a straight-through K&N muffler and some don't like the sound of it at WOT. It has a sort of tapping sound when you get in the upper rpms at WOT, but that aside I like it's sound. I've heard that you can reverse the muffler to either maximaze torque or upper rpm hp and I'm not sure how that will effect the sound as I haven't tried it. It does have some drone at part throttle in the 1750ish rpm range like the other exhaust out there, but I don't find it intrusive.
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I have the Gibson Dual Extreme on mine and I love it. It sounds good and I like the way it looks. The kit comes with a hanger for the frame on the drivers side.
I installed the JBA 40-1400 on my 07, and I am very happy with the perfromance increase and sound.
gibson extreme sucks compared to anything else i've ever heard. actually think the stock setup sounds louder and deeper! go JBA, can't go wrong with their products! btw, my Banks rocks!!!
Thanks for the input, I picked up the JBA last week for $366 with free shipping, from what I saw that price was unbeatable at the time I bought it. It was on I just checked and now its back up to $432.
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