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Good Day!

This is VERY exciting news for the Titan community and lots of time and money go into getting emissions numbers.

All 2004-2016 Nissan Titan owners that need CARB/Emissions legal headers have a option TODAY. JBA has received approval up to model year 2016 on the shorty headers that are offered under EO # D-57-33



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Now they need to add some certified cat converters to them. Night Owl has cats that will pass emissions. They just aren't California certified and my gut says that is due to the extremely high cost of certification.
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Those Valina cats FMS uses are supposed to Ca compliant but the issue is still the design. I understand the Valina cats are only Ca compliant for a certain year model or two also not all Titans. The longevity is something I want to see for a $89 cat off eBay which FMS wants $250
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