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JBA = CARB approved 2004-2016 5.6L Nissan Titan

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Good Day!

This is VERY exciting news for the Titan community and lots of time and money go into getting emissions numbers.

All 2004-2016 Nissan Titan owners that need CARB/Emissions legal headers have a option TODAY. JBA has received approval up to model year 2016 on the shorty headers that are offered under EO # D-57-33



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Those Valina cats FMS uses are supposed to Ca compliant but the issue is still the design. I understand the Valina cats are only Ca compliant for a certain year model or two also not all Titans. The longevity is something I want to see for a $89 cat off eBay which FMS wants $250
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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