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JBA Evol Price - Good Deal?

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After doing some research and having to make a hard decision between exhaust systems, I finally chose the JB Evol. I think I got a pretty good deal and thought I should let others know about it. So I attached a pic of the deal and vendor info.

If I didn't get a good deal then please be sure to tell me that I got raped and let others know where to get the good deal. I hope it helps.

BTW, I have an 08 CC and I called to make sure it would work. Sales told me to call dealer and ask if the midsection pipe was the same as the 07. Dealer told me it was and I am good to go. So I ordered it.


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The price is good, but there was a post the other day about JBA releasing the 08 version. You might want to contact JBA and see!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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