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JBA Header Install - 2006 2WD

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After reading all the great posts here on Titantalk I finally took the plunge and fixed my cracked headers. I couldn't have done it without all the knowledgeable folks on this forum and the great step by step instructions you have posted. I ordered the headers and catted B pipes from Cajun and I am very impressed with the quality of his pipes and customer service he offers. I also got Uprev and can't believe what a difference these mods have made. I've got my base tune flashed and still need to do some logging but I'm very impressed. Joe at Uprev is super fast in getting the base tune back to you (like within a few hours from when you send your ecu number) My truck is a 2006 2WD with 144,000 on the clock. The install went off without a hitch. I can't say it was very difficult but it was certainly time consuming. Advice to those thinking about doing it by yourself in your driveway; give yourself two days to complete the job, take your time, get yourself a good ratcheting 14mm wrench, a good 14mm wobble head socket and a pipe for the end of your socket wrench. Buy new nuts from Nissan for the headers. I bought a few extra studs too, in case I broke one. None of the studs budged while cranking the nuts off. Spray the heck out of the header nuts/studs and let them soak. Make sure your socket is seated flush before cranking on those nuts. Mine all came off without issue. The advice given about removing the old headers with A/F sensors attached is golden. Same with the B pipe 02 sensors. Those babies are stuck on there tight and I needed to get the headers in the vice to remove them. I did the job without jacking up the truck or removing the wheels. It's hard to believe but one of the things I struggled with the most were the stupid heat shields. Not much room to get tin snips in there. The passenger side shield came out in one piece but the driver side I had to cut into pieces. Good luck to all those thinking about tackling the job. It's easier to let someone else do it, but it's expensive and nobody cares about your truck or the details like you do. Like others have said, it's a "bonding" experience.
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I have long arms. Lol. I had good access from below. It worked for me.
I wasn't looking forward to it either but it's worth the wrench time, and everything from Cajun fits like it should. He even tells you the part numbers for the gaskets from Nissan. Just take your time. Liquid wrench is your friend.
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Maybe so, but I was doing the job solo and with the crappy, made in China jack stands I have, I wasn't going to take any chances. For me, laying on my back with my breaker bar and an extension and or swivel, all the nuts were easy to reach. Getting them back on the studs with new headers and torquing them was a bit more challenging. But, I got it done. I didn't even bleed.
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