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I am buying headers in the next day or so. I found a good deal through my brother, and I am going to jump on it. It will more in likely be a fair bit until I am able to install them, but that’s okay, atleast I can sleep with them and keep them warm.

Now for the serious stuff, lol.

What do I need to worry about for these? I am trying to keep everything SMOG Legal, so I can pass visual and sniffer test.

Do I still need to keep all 4 CATs, or can I eliminate 2 of them that are on our manifolds? Can I swap those out with high-flow CATs, and swap out the last 2 underneath the truck?

Is there a CAT with an EO number for our trucks, or is everything universal?

02 Sensors, do I need to worry about these, or do they just stay in the CATs?

Sorry for all the questions.

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