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Yes i know another exhaust thread! I have to ask which will give the most performance the JBA or one of the 2 new Magnaflow catbacks, P# 16870 & 16871. I know the JBA is a proven performer, but the M/F look good. Here is the M/F info:

Philip Dore
[email protected]
Performance Sales Specialist
Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

On the 16780 it’s dual 2.25” to the muffler and single 3” out. On the 16781 it’s dual 2.25” to the muffler and dual 2.5” out. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for your interest in Magnaflow.

The 16780 uses a 5x8x24 oval and the 16781 uses a 5x8x18 oval. The dual system will be a little bit louder then the singe system and it exits straight out the back. We have sound clips on our dual system which I’ve attached a link to our site.

16781 -
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