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Installed new (120k) engine, JBA LT headers and Uprev Tune back in January. Want to say a huge thanks to Joe. For me never having went thru this tuning process, he has answered every single question I had, and there were alot. I fought some electrical issues and he helped me troubleshoot the problems. He's taught me alot about the Titan platform. He explained to me what the data logs results were.
Every time I sent him data logs the truck improved. I repaired my last gremlin with my VDC / SLIP lights yesterday. Could immediately tee tell a difference in the takeoff.
Again Joe explained how all the sensors and electronics work together. Can't wait to see what happens with everything working correctly what the tune will do.

Highly recommend Joe. Professional, courteious, quick response to emails and questions. He offers tune adjustments for 1 year. Other tuners will charge you after 2-3 tune adjustments. Very happy with what he has done for the truck.
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