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Joining the 300K club next week

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I'm about 300 miles away from hitting the big 300,000 mile club! My truck is a 2011 so I've been putting about 50K a year on her. So far so good. Regular maintenance mainly. Still on the original drivetrain. I did have a transmission line bust on me going 70mph down the hwy. That wasn't very fun. Got the transmission flushed and a new belt put on and I was on my way. I've also had to replace the little mechanism with the hoses that fails and causes your heater to not work. I have a Borla muffler and Cajun B pipes with stock manifolds so far. So far my manifolds still seem good which I've been told is really surprising. My last titan had the manifolds crack before I even hit 200K. What's the highest mileage titan on this forum? I think I saw someone with around 430K if I recall correctly. Love these trucks!
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Dude that is awesome! I am at 145k and I hope to make it to 300k, which will mean that this is my last truck unless I live to 100+, in which case it's still probably my last truck.
I guess I should chime in, 04 CC SE 4x4, 437,000 right now. Installed a used transmission at a bit over 400,200, new rear end at around 350,000 and a used transfer case at around 380,000. The rest has just been standard consumables and maintenance. Still very happy with it. Good luck everone, I'm shooting for 500k+!.
Man, that kicks serious ***! I love it!
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