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Joshiz 06'

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hi everyone. im new to the forum, however, ive browsed round here for a while. lots of nice machines out there! thought id post a few of mine. i was one a huge ford fan. lets just say "ive seen the light!"

hope these pics turn out okay. im not a huge computer guru.


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killcatzforfun said:
what kind of box is that ? thats nasty ! how much did the whole set up set you back ?

guys at the local stereo shop did a great job on the custom box. the kicker square solo b's actually made for an easier install rather than using regular round 10" subs. local upholstery shop did all the vinyl work. we were a little scared, but everything fit like a glove. all the amps are 05' model planet audio. a planet audio 2250 is pushing the subs. planet audio 500 watt pushing everything boston accoustic in the doors. "the cap" 500 farad capacitor. pioneer avic-d3 nav head unit, xm about it. she doubt!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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