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Just added 295/70r18 on 2010 levled titan

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hey all just wanted to post some pictures of my new tires I added this past week. I did a ton of research through out the forum and theirs tons of great into out there from you guys, I couldn't have done it without titantalk. I figured this would help anyone if they were looking to get these tires and have a similar setup.

I have a 2010 king cab 4x4 with 18'' Raceline Raptor wheels. I was running some used nitto TG 285/60r18 for the last year until I could afford new tires. A wheel ago I added a 1.5'' billet ebay level (roughly $36). I went with the 1.5 because everywhere i read they said that was the biggest to go on the 2010 4x4. Install wasn't to bad, just over 5 hours with 1 person. followed numerous treads on here for tips and tricks as well as the instructors the spacer came with.

Decided to go with the 295/70r18 nitto terra grapplers. The price was right around $1300 with tires installed and alignment from a local shop. I don't think I got any deal, probably could have gotten then cheaper online but i didn't want to wait. Here's the pictures let me know what ya think.

1st picture was the day I got the tuck
2nd picture was after tint
3rd truck no level running 285/60r18 raceline raptors
4th the same ^^
5th is with 295/70r18 and 1.5 level kit


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The ride is nice with the level feels more like a truck now.

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