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Just another rear diff thread. Except this one is as real as it gets

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Hello TT it has been a while. Here is a small background story on said truck: 04 4x4 6"RCX 35" toyo mt 142k miles I am the second owner. Passenger back seal where the brake is was wet but according to 3 nissan dealers it wasn't something i should be concerned about as it wasn't actually leaking. Traction bars. Driveshaft spacer were also added.

Black friday I cruise by my local bank for a deposit and while heading back out into traffic i notice a horrible noise from the rear like a clunk clunk rip bang ding clunk and the diff light flashed at me 2 or 3 times. I pulled over into the first neighborhood hopped out looked around nothing "looked" broken so i got back in proceeded to drive in that neighborhood and heard the noise again. Sounded like the front and the rear. SO i got a tow up to nissan on a flatbed. After a literally 2 day wait i get a phone call...Rear diff is blown, front diff might be blown, transfer case is blown, etc etc. $7800 i was quoted to fix this.

in the meantime of waiting for nissan to see what happened to my poor baby I went across the street to the Chevy dealer and bought a new 2017 Silverado 1500.

So I want to know what would you guys do?? rebuild the titan front and rear diff and keep the Titan and have 2 car insurance payments and 1 car payment(rado) or sell the titan for probably $4k. Ive been leaning towards selling but I know what a beast she would be with a truetrac.
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Transfer case failure. either different sized tires or one you didnt replace with another .
Replace T case and 4 tires. PPL on here saying give up are not Titan blood and should drown (LOL)

I have to edit, Im not fair to the forum, sometimes I skip other ideas. I dont mean anything by it. Im sorry
glub glub glub:laugh:
Blub Blub
so youre saying its the transfer case and the tires? Replace the lift manufacturer recommended tire size with what stock? so you throw 35s on a jap truck and thats the end? so somehow the rubber mounted around a steel hub ruined the internals of the axel? lol those who say give up are probably making better financial decisions with their life as a 2004 Titan is nothing but problems Nissan cant get right. And still cant.
Sorry, as a mechanic I just fix mine so sometimes I don't see it from the other side. The size of the tires really shouldn't matter, as long as they are all the same size, The wear of the tires however, tread depth measure from the center tread I wouldn't suggest a difference over 2/32 as that can make issues as can ruin stuff (like the transfer case)
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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