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Just Bought a 2005 Crew Cab LE 4wd

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No nav but all the other options, 16000 miles, leather ,heated seats, is also certified. I paid 1500 extra (above the 27,200) for the 100,000 mile 82 month warranty, is that worth it? It was a dealer purchase.

Paid 25,500 for it, 27,200 on the road. 28,800 with the extended warranty.

It also came with an bug shield, ARE fiberglass bed cover, and custom dual exhaust (which I really don't care for). Oh, and an intake thing from the stock airbox to the TB, it doesn't look factory...I can take pics.

How do you think I did on the price??

Anything I need to know or look out for?

What kind of oil do you folks use? I'm a big fan of Mobil 1 and use it in most of my vehicles.

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I paid 26500 for my 06 LE with nav, dvd, sunroof, heated seats, etc with 20000 miles.
wojowojo16 said:
was that "on the road" or was it 26,500 plus everything?
That was after tax title and liscense so yeas out the door.
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