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Just bought a used 2004 4x4 Titan yesterday...

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Hi I'm Shawn from AZ,

I had a 2007 2wd Titan about 10 years ago.. brand new from the dealer. Was stolen before I even put 10k miles on it. I've always been partial to GM and Nissan. I've owned a few nissan hard body trucks, 1999 and 2000 Maximas, 2003 xterra 4x4 and a 2007 Nissan Xterra 2wd. Not a single one has ever given me a problem.

Yesterday I bought a 2004 Titan 4x4, not from the original owner but the truck is pretty solid. Aside from the 190k miles it runs fantastic and smooth. Some fading white paint, the usual rock chips and I'm trying to figure out what kind of lift or leveling kit is on it since they put on the 33x12.5x20 wheel/tire combo. Anyway, it's an original AZ truck and there's no oil leaks, no grease buildup and the transmission shifts like it was new. Shifts in and out of 4 Hi just fine.. same with 4 lo.

Anyway, I'm very familiar with a lot of the problems these things had when they came out, and the 2004 being the first year. I figure I'll start with a synthetic oil change and new filter, check the brakes, etc. What concerns me with this high mileage is the hubs, and fuel pump. Wondering if I should just get that work out of the way now so I don't have to wait until they fail. I really don't want to be stranded in the 120 degree desert heat with my kids.

Any advice is welcome!

Thanks for reading

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I have an 04 CC 4x4 and I have replaced the hubs once and just did replace the fuel pump. The hubs were simple and im pretty sure i got close to 250k on the original ones, the fuel pump was a pain but my original lasted 400k. Everyone has different experiences but mine has been very good. I have 437k now and need to replace the starter. Good luck!
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