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Just Bought My First Titan 3 Months Ago, Love It, BUT....

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Hello All-

I am new to the forum and new to having a Titan. I own a 2006 Nissan Titan CC 4x4 Offroad SE with BT Package. I only paid 12k for it with 79k miles on it. The inside and outside was very clean for being a Midwestern car that is just about 10 years old. I jumped all over it because I always wanted a Titan and because of the price and condition.

I have been very happy with the power and style of the truck but in the 3 months I have owned it I have had to put in about $5K for things breaking and failing left and right. I have done all the repairs myself and refuse to pay a stealer a penny unless it is for the Engine or Tranny. I have had to replace the front diff that exploded on me, replace the PS lines, replace the PCV valves, the radiator, the rear diff cover gasket, tranny cooler lines, AC drain reapir, front and rear cabin seam sealer, and some small other stuff. It currently has a leaking rack and pinion on the driver side seal, has a busted rear tranny mount, both exhaust manifolds are cracked, one of my TPMS sensors is bad. It is on my list to fix but currently it is in the 20's in Wisconsin and I am broke.

Mods-Appearance Currently:
Tinted Windows
JBA cat back
Volent CAI
Rear and Front door speaker upgrade to Polk Audio
PGR leveling kit
Weathertech floor liners front and back
Weathertech vent shades
all LED interior lights and puddle lights
LED cargo lights
LED license plate lights

Mods-Appearance Wanted:
Remote Start
Fitted Seat Covers
Bull Bar
JBA or Cajun Headers
Hood Bug Deflector

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. :smile:

Love My T even with all the failures in the first 3 months but hey its about 10yrs old, in the midwest, and I think the previous owner beat the crap out of it and neglected it. So now I shall rebuild and make it like new again. :nerd:
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TrueTrac should be next mod.
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