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Just detailed the engine, pics inside

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Well this was my first shot at cleaning my engine. I used that Black Magic 2 in 1 thing that cleans and makes things shiny. Well I was very catious since this was my first time so I did not get eveything. Here are the pics, hopfully I'll clay bar and do the whole 9 yards friday.
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wow, gay you have to post 15 things before you can post pics, well guess I better go comment on some.
bump. I'm sorry about all the other post, here comes the pictures.
Nice - when I was in the washrack at a local dealership as a teenager we used to spray the engine compartment down with a degreaser, leave it for 10 minutes and then hit it with the power washer. Probably not the best for the vehicles but they sure shined up quick!
after all that all he had to do was upload them. No 15 post mini
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