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Just got brand new 08 few days ago. Some questions

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Just got a 08 crew cab 4x4 se, i just have a few questions hope you guys can help. It did not come with the chrome door handles or the chrome mirrors. Does anyone know if the 07 stuff from will fit the08 and how hard are they to install, how hard is a bug deflector to install as well? The last question i have is could someone help me find a good set of chrome step bars. I have a short girlfriend and she cant get out very well. If someone could help me out id really appriciate it thanks guys.
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I don't think that there is a part number difference between the '07 and '08 door handles, but if there is a difference, the '08 LE door handles are the chrome ones that you want if you want chrome.

The bug deflector wasn't too bad to install by myself, but it would have been easier with an extra set of hands. The '05 F-150's bug deflector was harder to install because I had to take the front grill off first to put the bug deflector between the grill and the hood.

As for chrome step bars, they are all over the place. As for what is good, I don't know since my F-150 had the factory chrome step bar, and my '07 Titan came from the factory with its LE trim level step bar.
Yeah what he said. The mirror caps might be a bit tricky to swap out, but over all not bad. Just don't be in a hurry. I did a swap for some chromes for my blacks when I got my new truck. Post up, and you might just have to pay shipping like I did. The door handles are simple to chage. The bug shield is easy do it yourself type thing. Chrome steps, I recommend as they have Hunter brand. Not the highest dollar brand, but they are quick and cheap. They also include shipping. They are here in Houston, so I and other have actually been down there. Some real nice peeps.

Hope this helps
Thanks guys thats a huge help. Just got windows tinted and rhino lining a few days ago so this is next.
I just got a 08 crew 4x4 se also. I bought the chrome door handle covers from . They just have preinstalled tape on the backs, and slip right over the existing ones. They look great. I also bought the chrome mirror covers from them. The old black ones just pop off by using an object and sticking it in the mirro from the glass side and pushing the connectors out. They look great too. I bought the chrome steps from the local nissan dealer when I purchased the truck. I think they look by far the best, as they have a large diameter, really strong mounts, and they ride close to the truck. Many of the aftermarket ones are small, puny, and flex when you stand on them. The factory bug shield was also simple to install in about 30 minutes by myself. I will post a few pictures later tonight if I get a minute.
As far as step rails, you might want to consider stainless steel. Based on other members' experience, the chrome rails chip, pit, & rust. Also look at getting the steps with stainless steel mounting brackets. There is a "sticky" about step rails.
thanks for the help yall
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