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Just got home from the track!

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Well she ran ok tonight!!! REally impressed with my 60' time tonight!!! Here is my best slip of the night.

60' 1.923
1/8 9.038
MPH 75.320
1/4 14.243
MPH 93.598

I have come to the conclusion that my drag radials are too short for a 3.36 Titan. I'm into 4th gear well before the end. I need to get my hands on some the same width but two inches taller.

And...I have video guys!!!
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dawgs what headers are you running?
WOW - you beat toomanymods and he has stillen longtubes?

toomany 14.263 in his sig??

what exhaust and cai you running?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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