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Just got my Titan yesterday.. Started it this morning and it's squeaking..

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Just bought an 08 Titan w/ 24K miles yesterday.. Road great for the test drive, ride home, throughout the day, etc..

It say out of the garage last night and it rained.. Fired it up to go get my morning Dunkin and a belt was squeaking like crazy.. Seemed to finally stop about 5 or so minutes later..

Quick google while I was in line at Dunkin said a bad belt?

Not even 24 hours owned and I have an issue.. :(
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Put that on my T 2 years ago and it's just now started squeaking for maybe 10 seconds. Once it gets to where the tension slacks a bit I'll just replace it with the same thing. Can't go wrong with $10 for 2 years.
Also, you can check the tension of your belt while it's still on the truck. The tensioner arm has lines on it to tell when the belt is worn out.
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