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Just got to try out new GTECH

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Just got to try out my new GTECH!

Got the GTECH SS today. Dialed her in. Got the Beast weighed and heres the best numbers I could get her to spit out.
0-60 7.45
1/4 15.898 @ 86.3
HP 207
TQ 249

I dont't know if these are decent or not. Taking her to the track Thursday to try to compare the numbers. 2* timing done and Brute Force CAI.
Let me know if these numbers sound even remotely right.
2007 SE Crew Cab 4x4 with tow package
JBA exhaust should be here Thursday.:rockon
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set the pitch to 2.0 probably and weight to like 5400lbs.. this should eb really close.. just will have to play around with the pitch till it matches the time slips.. im guessing anywhere from 2.0 to 2.5 on pitch..
on my gtech i had to set pitch at 3.4... my truck isn't lowered though
pitch dont have to do with height it has more to do with how hard/soft ur suspension is..
Correct, but the higher trucks normally will pitch back further than the lowered trucks.. at least on the mini trucks(nissan & toyota's) that we've slammed before..
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