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Just joined the AEM Bruteforce crew!

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Yep well i just picked up a Bruteforce CAI used with low miles. I was going to get an airaid TBS but after reading people impressions i passed but ended finding a deal with the brute force. I haven't put it on yet but i cant wait, this Friday and Saturday calls for rain in the forecast so i will have nothing better to do. Ill report back with my impressions soon. I went for the AEM because of the dryflow filter. Any recommendations for an exhaust to go along with it? I'm pretty excited, it my first performance mod :coolsmile
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I put mine on last weekend after it set i my garage for 2 months. Even my wife asked me when I was going to put that big filter thingie on. The truck has adjusted for the air and dang has my foot been in it. I think the AEM is one of the best. Alot of folks buy them and all have had positive comments.

For the exhaust, you can't go worng with JBA. Alot of folks own it and it is aproven winner on the track. Good luck and do a search for some easy install technigues. Took me an hour too do. You dont have to remove the washer fluid bottle either.
Long story short: I got a MagnaFlow SISO Offset, 3" x 24" (30" OA). It is welded in place to adapt to 2-1/2" input of the Titan. Outstanding results. :)
Is there an option for a black pipe? I'm not too fond of chrome.
Yea, Fram boost. Pretty much the same as AEM. You take some sray paint to it.
well i just got it installed and holy crap! This mod is awesome. Took me about 2 hours (including 40 min rain delay). I love the sound and the throttle responce. Now im going to do the ECU reset and hopefully get the 2* timing advance at my next oil change. Havent really gotten a change to open it up since the roads are wet and the roads here are really curvy so i dont want to risk anything but i cant wait till i get on the freeway!

*edit* i also made a how-to thread. Check the How-to/FAQ forum!
get the jba exhaust and headers and uprev tune then ya should be set.. all of the fastest titans are using the jba..

you'll love it..
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