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Hi all been using this forum off and on for a few years. Figured it was finally time to create and account. Look forward to chatting with fellow Titan owners.

I have a 2012 Titan SV 2wd my first V8. My first truck was a 2003 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4. That truck scared me with mechanical failures. Don’t think I could ever buy a Ford after that one. Don’t know if I could ever go back to a V6 truck of any make. Lol

I’ve loved my Titan so far bought it in 2016 with 51k miles on it. I got about 102k on her now. Just Changed the spark plugs 2 weeks ago with NGK RUTHENIUM HX NGK Part#: LFR5AHX. Wasn’t to bad at all back two on passenger was was a bit tough but not to bad. It has seemed more responsive and the thing I’ve noticed the most. Is when starting it the gas smell has reduced almost completely. I have pictures of old plugs probably cloud have use a change at 80k to 90k miles honestly.

I have a Spectra Cold Air Intake on it. No it’s not a K&N... but it went in easy and works great I’ve had no complaints on it.

I’ve been looking into bully dawg and UpRev tuners. Seems UpRev is more popular for titans? Didn’t like the fact it said it can take more than 3 etunes if you have a cold air intake/throttle body. Not sure how much more eTunes are. Are they worth it do they make it that much better? Is it worth it with the mileage I have on mine?
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Welcome! I also have a 2012 2wd SV.
UpRev is the popular (and mine) choice due to the fact it's only for Nissans, so very specific and detailed. It will be worth the money for UpRev when you start modding heavier, like headers etc. I took off my CAI and went back to K&N drop in stock filter, but i don't think tuning is needed just for intake. I took my CAI off and just rolling K&N drop in now, cuz i was only throwing CEL with it on.
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