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Just ordered DT SS!

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I can't wait! I won't be back home for another 16 days but I'll post pics when I get home. I got them off their site through Nick, he seemed like a great guy, very helpful.
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You may be able to reuse the OEM gaskets, or you could order new gaskets. I think the OEM manifold-block and collect-B-pipe gaskets are the best. You will very likely also need Uprev to correct the AFR after header install. They snail mail the cable and can email the tunes for you to flash with a laptop. The email version is $500.

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If you don't mind me asking, how much are the stainless steel headers? I've emailed DT several times, but they never reply.

I'm trying to decide between the ceramic coated or the stainless.
I payed right around 650 I think, I would call and ask for a price though, they never replied to my emails either
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