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sportbiker929 said:
My name is Mitch and I live in Oceanside CA. Today I picked up an 08 PRO 4X crewcab in smoke. I really like the truck. I just got out of an 03 powerstroke. Too many maint concerns with the diesel. Plus 80 bucks to change the oil myself. Are there any free mods to be done to the titan to increase efficiency? How effective is an intake and exhaust combo? I bet these trucks are really choked down for emissions.

welcome. Yea this truck responds good to exhaust and intakes. Intakes are a bit louder in the cab than your domestics due to the short hood, but tolerable even with the louder intakes. There is also a lot of potential if you want a tune down the road to get rid of all the tq managment. JBA cat back exhaust seems to be the best tested track system on the market. After trying 3 different setups other than stock im stickin with it. All the intakes are within hairs of eachother nomatter what the manufacures claim.

In the performance threads there should be a DIY thread about air box mod. You can make ur stock box perform a little better for starters. Good luck!
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