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Just purchased a used Titan

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I just purchased a 2012 Titan SV Crew Cab. It's my first Nissan since the two late-80's pickups I had in college (those were absolutely bullet-proof trucks)! I looked at a lot of used trucks before settling on this Titan, mostly Toyotas (since I've had several Toyotas in the past 20 years)...but finding a Toyota that was within my budget that didn't have 300K miles or look like a tornado went through the interior wasn't possible!

This Titan has high miles for its age (113K), but it is in better condition than almost any other truck I looked at. For what I want it for (mostly for fishing/hauling my kayak), I'm sure it's going to be great!

The only changes I plan on making are stereo/audio related. Speakers/amps/subwoofers are old hat to me. But I joined the forum to see what other guys were doing as far as in-dash navigation units. Specifically, what models can I get (and what extras are required) in order to retain the use of the steering wheel controls. So I'll be looking for information on that topic once I post this!

If there are any gotchas that a new Titan owner should be aware of, I'd sure appreciate a heads up!
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There are some things you will want to check right off the bat to potentially save you some cash in repairs down the pun intended.

First axle vent, you can search "axle vent" in this forum and find many horror stories, the mod itself is easy and costs less than $40
Second, take a look at your parking brake components located in the rear caliper. I am not sure where you are located, but it would be a good idea to keep an eye on those and change if any evidence of corrosion is present. Again, the forum search will unfold many horror stories.
Third, any ehaust leak symptoms or noises? More to follow in posts below I'm sure.

Besides that, keep your fluids and filters cahnged at a resonable intervals and the truck will take care of you. Enjoy
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