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Just purchased a used Titan

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I just purchased a 2012 Titan SV Crew Cab. It's my first Nissan since the two late-80's pickups I had in college (those were absolutely bullet-proof trucks)! I looked at a lot of used trucks before settling on this Titan, mostly Toyotas (since I've had several Toyotas in the past 20 years)...but finding a Toyota that was within my budget that didn't have 300K miles or look like a tornado went through the interior wasn't possible!

This Titan has high miles for its age (113K), but it is in better condition than almost any other truck I looked at. For what I want it for (mostly for fishing/hauling my kayak), I'm sure it's going to be great!

The only changes I plan on making are stereo/audio related. Speakers/amps/subwoofers are old hat to me. But I joined the forum to see what other guys were doing as far as in-dash navigation units. Specifically, what models can I get (and what extras are required) in order to retain the use of the steering wheel controls. So I'll be looking for information on that topic once I post this!

If there are any gotchas that a new Titan owner should be aware of, I'd sure appreciate a heads up!
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