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Just Recieved Encl/Amp/Subs for my son's 05 CC Titan

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I just recieved the Enclosure from Tech12volt along with the subs for my son's 05 CC. I have to say that this is a very high quality enclosure and I am glad that I listened to the people who know quality and bought this system from James. The enclosure that I was offered at the local installer for almost 2/3rd the price can't even hold a candle to this one and I know that T12v did the homework and that the boxes for the 2 BA subs is the correct volume.

If you are considering a system, big or small, I recomend giving your money to Tech12volt and get your moneys worth.

Thanks James for all the information through the numerous PMs.

I will chronicle the install this weekend and post some pics when it done.

What an awesome setup my son will have when it's done!!!!!!

One word "Awesome!!!"
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Awesome!! You can't go wrong with tech12.. My box is insane!

Nice gift! Dad, is that you?? :jester:
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