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Just sold my Xterra And picked up this beast

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Whats up guys just wanted to say whats up and get involved on the site. I just sold my pretty moded 06 xterra and picked up this 07 Crew cab 4x4 LE. Truck has 34k miles on it and Im in love with it. When I got it at the dealer it had dual magnaflow exhaust and a tru flow intake. In the 3 weeks I have had it I have tinted it all around tinted the tails, put on a 2 inch level kit, swapped door handles for factory black ones, painted the side mirror chrome covers and I just put on the eagle alloy series 063 today. Future plans are some sort of 6 inch lift with coilover combo and get some new tires on her. Ill update as I go along.... Here are some pics of when I drove it off the lot and then how she sits today hope you guys enjoy thanks.
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it looks so much better with those rims man
Thanks man Yeah I love the wheels
Looks great, lots of luck with her.And yes the rims look much better
Hey guys so I thought I would update my post. Yesterday I installed the PRG Extended travel kit. Also I put on a magnaflow SS Dumped cat back as well as New Treadwright 33" Wardens.

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thats some good ish bro, great lookin T:redblob"
Looks sharp...
sweet like the silver and black look.
What tires are those? like em?
good looking truck!
They are treadwright wardens. They ard re tread tires. They are bfg all terrain sidewalls and the tread is the exact same as the bfg at.
And yes I love them especially at half the price
Truck looks absolutely perfect man. Whats your future plans with it?
Could you get a fender measurement on the front and rear if you get a chance? just ground to highest part of the fender. Thanks!
And let the addiction begin!
I just measured and I'm at 41 up front and 39 1/4 in the back
Well here is my bumper finished just need to get it painted or powdercoated. What do you all think?
Automotive exterior Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle Tire
opps here it is
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nice lookin T
Looks good bro
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