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TheRedBeast said:
Do you actually ship your truck's ECU to the Uprev people and have 'em do their magic and they ship it back to you with the program? I looked at their site and being the non-technical guy I am, I don't really understand what it all involves. Also another...more trivial issue: can you use something other than the cruise control buttons to change maps? I'm a bit fond of those actually especially on long trips.
Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I am just learning so please do have patience with me.
there are two option with uprev..

1. you can send them your ECU, they'll flash it, then send it back and i believe that is $300.

2. you can order the Osiris software and they will send you what you need to flash it yourself with whatever flash you want. this is $700.

im in the same boat as you, im not very mechanical inclined but from what i hear from the guys here and talking to Matt from uprev it is very simple to do.

from what i understand about the cruise control buttons they will still function as cruise control. there's a special way to switch maps but otherwise they are used normally while on the road.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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