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Just wondering...

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I have seen the video of the new Silverado, F-150 and the Tundra in the "frame stiffness" tests that they run on the washboard road. The test shows how much the frame flexes under the bed and how much the bed shakes at ~40 mph or so. My question to you fellas is, how much does the Titan frame flex under these types of situations? I have driven over some pretty rough roads (with the stock, non-offroad suspension) and it beats the hell outta me. But, I'm curious to see how much my bed is shaking around back there. For fear that I'm going to run off the narrow roads and crash, I don't turn around to take a look at what is happening back there. I just though some of you might have video, or real world experience with this situation...

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I'm going to say our trucks hold up well in a test like that, otherwise you would have seen a Titan in there flexing away...I've seen several pics here at TT showing guys with their trucks at some weird angles and in just about every case the frame seems to be very rigid.
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