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K&N Air Filter

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Just checked K&N, :cheers: air filter has been released...
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And then there are those of us who have read numerous oil samples with no real conclusive evidence of more or less dirt with the use of a K&N. It appears that where the intake is located has a lot to do with Silicon (dirt) levels more than what filter you use. The Titan intake is in the left fender well so I don't think a K&N will have that much effect on dirt levels. It really depends on the application. I would highly recommend that if you do use one to at least get an oil sample done to find out first hand if your letting in too much dirt or not.

I've run them for years on my Mercedes and always had very low silicon levels. Others were not so lucky.
that's an excellent site to do some reading and I have to agree that the K&N test was a little shady perhaps. The real test is in the oil samples and most of them come back fine with a K&N.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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