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I had some problems with the Paint on 06 CC LE 4x4, the truck had gotten buffed out with out my consent by a detail shop outside from the dealership. I thought I would get raked over the coals when I went back to the Dealer to address the issues.

I was wrong, I had a meeting with the owner and we came to a mutual understanding and the end conclusion was to trade my 06 in for a new 07 CC LE 4x4 with all the goodies you see in my signature.

I thought I might loose money with the trade in value, and I did only because I had put 8500. miles on the truck. Kar-mart ended up taking what I was loosing on my trade and deducted allot of it from the MSRP.

I went back to Kar-Mart today and was given 4 new TPMS sensors for the new tires and wheels I had mounted today for free. Thank you Jason, you are one heck of a Sales Manager.

In closing, if you truly want a positive new car buying experience and you are close to Burlington WA. be sure to give these guys a look. :cheers:

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