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Keep '05 or buy new '07

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I have a '05 KC offroad, big tow. A good friend of mine is the sales manager at the dealership in my town. He offered me the same exact truck as mine in a '07, below invoice and 5000 rebate. He said alot of the problems that the '05's had are gone with the '07 model. I have only had problems with my brakes (repaired), and the fold down seat (NEW). Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Are the '07's any better, or should I just keep the '05? DO the '07's have the brake and rear end problems too? Love to hear your opinions. he 5000 rebate deal is up this friday.
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More HP and Torque~!!

That's about it!!
There are other subtle changes, but if you're looking for the most changes, the 08 seems to be where it's at. Especially the 08 Pro-4x. It has a special Eaton locker now.
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