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kenwood 7100 hardware/wiring needed

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I am going to purchase a new dnx7100 in the next few days. I am wondering from those of you who already have this unit, what accessories will I need to make it 100% ready to hook up? Any wiring harnesses, ipod connectors, gps antennas ect..... I am getting the backup camera already, just not sure what else i need to make the unit work.

Also where can i get a new faceplate that has the proper hole for the hazard button?

Also I already have sirius satelite hooked up with the unit mounted outside the console, but wiring behind radio (done by best buy). Will this work this way with the 7100?

The only additionals i am hooking up are the ipod and backup camera (ccd2000)

Thanks in advance for the help,

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i thought any time you replace a factory stereo you loose the fuctions on the steering wheel and over head for the rear passengers. do they really make an adapter to retain the factory settings?
tech12volt said:
yes they make a piece for the swc.

you need a xe bezal to make look it right and regular nissan wiring harness

for the 08 SE titans? im assuming all the trucks in 08 come with the standard a/c units unless order the dual digital climate controls in the LE right

my SE has the brush aluminum bezel
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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