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Key wont come out of ignition

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I had this issue recently where I will park my truck - put it in park and shut it off and my key wont come out of the ignition. I have to turn the truck back on to get the key out. I turn the steering wheel to see if that was the issue but that didnt work. Another issue is sometimes I shut the truck off and the doors stay locked. Am I turning the key too fast to remove it?
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Do you have an aftermarket security system? The doors don't unlock themselves unless you do.

If you do have one, and the doors are not unlocking, then something is not "hitting" right when you shut it off. It could possibly be your ignition switch, as both the alarm and the truck electronics don't recognize that you have turned it off.

Does anything light up on the dash when this happens? Do any accessories come on or stay on? Just some thoughts.
Nothing comes on the dash - but the key doesnt come out. I do not have any aftermarket security systems either.
Also check that the gear selector is all the way into the park position. I have had an occasional issue where it was in park, but not all the way, so it failed to make the interlock switch.
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