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Keyless entry keypads for sale

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Nissan has discontinued the wonderful keypads for the Titan. They are the most convienient accessory I have ever had. No more carrying those bulky keychains in your pocket. Leave them in the truck because you dont need them anymore. I have found a couple New in the Box, still sealed up in the plastic. They have instructions. There will be NO MORE according to Nissan North America. I will let these go for $175 shipped UPS ground to your door. The next cheapest option ($150 for the kit)I have found is a UNIVERSAL keypad with WIRES that requires a hole to be drilled in your door, then paying a professional $175 to install them. There is control box that mounts under the dash, and it has to be spliced into the proper wires, and there are a TON of wires. So these little factory stick on keypads take about five minutes to install with no tools at all. Just follows the instructions from the drivers seat, then stick it onto the plastic on your door. I will post pics soon. I have used these since I got my 2008 Titan. Well worth your money. Get them while you can. Thanks and God bless!
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Interested in pics.
interested in pics as well :)
Me as well.
I hate to rain on your parade but they have them on eBay $72 shipped. I hope you didn't pay $175 for the ones you have.

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^^^ ouch... wait a year then revive the thread and sell them for $150 then... ;)
thats a little more my price!
Talk about trying to make a buck. OP is trying to commit rape at that price.

I do like the sales pitch.
I hate to rain on your parade but they have them on eBay $72 shipped. I hope you didn't pay $175 for the ones you have.

2007 2008 2009 2010 Nissan Versa Keyless Entry Pad - eBay (item 260469542197 end time Apr-21-11 10:57:25 PDT)

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Hey, congratulations on finding an ad. There are a ton of ads all over the place still listing these things for sale. Try to buy one though! If you happen to find a dealer with one in stock, you may get one, but this fellow has zero in stock. Any of you can call him at 252-338-5161 ask for daniel or lewis in the parts department. Its Alliance Nissan dealer. They show that they have 5 on ebay, but they have ZERO in stock. If anyone can find one cheaper, I suggest purchasing it. They are not making them anymore, so when they are gone, they are gone. I am making a profit off the ones I bought, just hoping to pay for the two I got for myself. Like I said, if you can find it cheaper, buy it! If you can't, then I have two on hand that I will sell. Thanks for your help. Good luck. :)
This was my favorite part about my old F-150. I might be picking one of these up.
Beason got one at a yard sale. Brand new in the box for five bucks. Score!
I remember reading about that find.. talk about luck, it was just sitting on the table.
i sure did!! i saw a box with the nissan logo and i was thinking "what are the chances this will work on my truck" so i pick it up and there it is, a keypad still in the plastic! there wasnt a price on it, so i asked the lady and she kind of shrugged, i said, i got 5 bux, and she said "DEAL!" but oh what a deal it was!!

I think ive used it 2 times since install.. lol. Im just scared im going to depend on it and the battery will be dead. I dont use it enough for the battery to be dead, but i also dont use it enough to know the battery is good... I may start using it now that we take the boat out. I can leave the truck keys on dry land.
Yeah, I had three f-150's that had these keypads before, and to tell you the truth, I really hated the idea of buying the Titan because it did not have that. I was so pleased to find the keypads. I actually bought a keypad before I bought my Titan. Anyone who has never had one does not know how awesome they are. You will never ever lock your keys in, nor do you ever have to worry about carrying your keys around. I could leave my truck running with the a/c kicking and get out at the gas station and lock my truck, but keep it running in the summertime. It gets really hot in South Mississippi. The keyless remote that comes with the truck is nowhere near as nice. You still have to carry five pounds of sharp keys in your slacks.
You dont have to worry about the battery. Before it goes totally dead, it will start making you enter your code several times to open the door. They have always given me plenty of warning that the batteries were getting low. It does not work one day, and dead the next, its a gradual thing thats very obvious. I place mine on the door sill. I hear some people put them in the gastank door, hidden, but thats too hard to get to. I think they look nice on the door there. Some people are so cheesy about keeping their truck "factory" that they wont even drill a hole in the bed to mount a toolbox. Thats some kind of mental disorder.
I think I paid $30 for mine a few years ago ... Maybe I will crack it open and reverse engineer. Would be a fun project.

I bet at $30 I could make a healthy profit too ;-)
i put mine in the gas door. i can put the code in blind so it isnt to much out of the way. just open the door, 4 buttons, and the locks unlock.
Yeah, I got 2 a few months ago fro $110. That is rape.

I put one in the gas tank door, and the other one I am most likely going to save and put on an Infiniti FX in the near future. It is pretty awesome, but I rarely use it, as I have switchblade keys. :)
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