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Keyless/Horn Issue

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Much appreciated if someone has any direct info that may help with my problem.

The keyless works 99%...the 1% that does not work (that just recently stopped) is the horn does not honk when locking the truck any more. Kinda odd.

BTW I am also searching the forum... :)

Thanks in advance.
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Press and hold the LOCK/UNLOCK button at the same time, hold it for a few seconds till you hear the horn beep.
This is a feature to toggle between horn and silent mode.
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Could be a coincidence, but mine started working intermittently aout two weeks before the battery in my truck died. after changing the battery, it never happened again. I hope it is just silent mode!
THAT WAS IT!!! I was worried that something else happened.

My guess is that both buttons got hit while in my pocket. I set the alarm off that way all the time since I installed a new battery in the remote.

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