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My Titan developed a insanely annoying squeak after being fine for over a year with the 5100's + the 08 4x4 coils. It squeaked on just the slightest movement meaning it was constant while driving.
I checked all the related threads on the forum but it wasn't the hood, sway bar, etc. I bought a stethoscope and narrowed it down to the strut or coil spring. After a web search I found others(Chevy forum) had issues with the shock nut coming loose.
I gave it a try with a box wrench and I couldn't get it to move. Tried a breaker bar on the nut and got about a 1/16 revolution out of it. Felt like any more it would break or strip. I was amazed that fixed it and the squeak was gone.
Now I feel this fix might not last and I need to address the strut hat/ mount and bushing. They have 155000 miles on them. And because I have to disassemble them I could make some changes to soften the ride a little. I was thinking I could lower the 5100's to 0 from 1, and add a 1.5 level spacer.
Anyone else have this setup? Will I need UCA's? Swaybar endlinks?
What Parts are needed to rebuild the top of the strut? I want to get this stuff before I take it apart. And what should I reuse?
Thanks any help greatly appreciated!
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