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knock knock

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Crazy noise issue going on. Every once in a while I hear what sounds like a knocking/ticking sound. Sounds alot like lifters or super loud injectors, then the motor sounds normal. Its fine most time, runs cool, good oil pressure and runs great. That sound will last for 5-10 minutes sometimes. Not burning oil or any other problems. Any ideas on what that noise is ??? Thanks.
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Same problem here.Have noticed it a few times
Is this the same ticking sound some have described and then gotten to go away with a grounding kit? Might be worth a search. :dunno:
Its the injectors making that sound. I just installed the grounding kit in my 08. The installation is the same except for the altnator installation.
I did the grounding procedure last year to see if it would help. Never seen any difference. The mech. said he wasn't sure what it could be because I couldn't get it to do it while I was at the dealership.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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