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Kuhmo 35x12.5x18 M/T on 6" PC Lift

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Wouldn't you kow it, the day after I receive my lift components and 325/64 Terras, I find a crazy deal for a PC lift and some Kuhmo 35x12.5x18 on some chrome XD Hoss rims. Tires are fresh. Wheels are cherry.

Of course, seller says that there was no rubbing, etc (came off a Titan), but I don't want to have to take his word on it. Anyone here have some first hand experience with these tires? Any feedback would be appreciated....
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They are good tires. I wouldn't imagine you would have any rubbing issues especially because the Kumho's aren't really 12.50 wide on my stock rims they are like 11.40 .

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So the Kuhmos run narrow?

I wonder if I should just pick the PC 6" lift up, and run the 325/65/18 Terras that I just got on my stock wheels?


- CST 4" spindle lift & 325/65/18 Terras on stock 18s

- CST 4" spindle lift & 35x12.5s on 18x9 XD Hoss

- ProComp 6" lift & 325/65/18 Terras on stock 18s

- ProComp 6" lift & 35x12.5s on 18x9 XD Hoss

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