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Kumho Venture A/T

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Anyone have experience with these tires?

I'm looking at getting them as my next set. I currently have the BFG AT KO's but I just can't see spending $800+ on another set.
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I'd take a very strong look at the Mickey Thompson (Baja Atz Plus radail) they rock in my opion!
There a 10 ply true truck tire , very quite on the highway an with aggressive deep AT tread.U run min.of 50 psi.cold in them,they run very very smooth an nice on the highway.

I really do not think there is another tire out there that dose what these tires do. alot of people around here use them on there snowplowing truck because of there great traction on snow an ice along with there long tread life!
Truly a great AT tire these tires are so quite on the highway all i here is the wind noise going down the road.
go to there web site an take a look at them u wont be dissapionted!

PRJ said:
They look nice. How much $$$ per tire?

Edit: I poked around and looked and they hover around $200 per tire +/- a few dollars. I don't want to spend that much again. I can get the Kumho A/T mounted, balanced installed etc. for $600
I paid $876.00 total 4 the MT ATZ PLUS 285/70/17, with road hazard an blance/rotation, these are not your P-Metric radails, there a true 10 ply AT truck radail.
I got a good deal because Freds tire bought 500 on them to get a good price on the tires. the 285's do run u more, there a big tire.

The tires are worth what u have to pay 4 them.
I have just over 700 miles on my set an there still is the little rubber tabs sticking out of the tread! these tires will ware like iron and with very deep tred 32 i think load rage D the Baja ATZ Plus Radial is going 2 out last any AT tire I'm aware of.

I did check around before i bought and found that in the size tire i need 4 my truck the stock BFG'S were over $200.00 apeace. And there is problems with some tires in this size the 285's of cupping and uneven ware.
so be carefull on buying the cheaper tire u may not get what u think your getting in the long run.

Good luck an hope what ever u buy they last long an run smooth.:)

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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